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Lead Pastor

Levi was born into a pastor's home, growing up hearing the Gospel often. At the age of 13, he believed on the Gospel of Jesus Christ and was converted by God's grace. He was baptized soon after by his father. Later that same year, he was called by God to the Gospel ministry to be a preacher. 

In 2009, he met his wife, Logan, while attending bible college. Logan also grew up in a preacher's home and was Web Pic 6saved at the age of 7. They would marry in 2011 and have their first child the following year. Currently, they have 4 beautiful, wonderfully-wild children. 

The Smiths have served together in local church work for over 12 years. They moved to Virginia in 2014 to serve at a Baptist church in the Valley. In 2021, they were called to Wayside Baptist Church for Levi to become the lead pastor. The Smiths have a passion for building authentic relationships, sharing the Gospel and making disciples. They strongly believe that the best way to minister is by being genuine, truthful and full of love.

They love the people of the Shenandoah Valley and hope that God will do mighty things throughout the earth through the local church here at Wayside.




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